Welcome OriesWood

Ories means Story and Spring in some language but we want to add a new meaning for our Brand .

The Brand that bring the magical items to your house .

Maybe we cannot show the way of Neverland but we can bring their magic to your home .

You are special and it should be special for you in your home!

Since 2015, we have been making special epoxy tables, and Wallarts  for our customers all over the world with our team for you.

Why shouldn’t the only design in the world be yours in a few weeks ?

In handmade buying proceses our consultants who will accompany you throughout the process will always be in contact with you!

We can make it in the color and design you want.

All our tables can be customized to suit all furniture.

So your product can be customized only for you and we can add your own ideas.
All of our designs are personalized and unique in the world!
Unlike other companies I post photos and videos during the production process!
You can choose everything related to the design, including tree matching, and design it yourself.
Table height and table size can be made absolutely as you wish.
All of our products are handmade and we do it with utmost care and we care about the special design of everyone.
You can design the designs, dimensions and legs(Chrome,Walnut,Metal) in our products by yourself, you just need to communicate.

We have free worldwide shipping within a short time and we usually use DHL

Contact us and we will answer you on any issue

Ories Team